Monday, 15 October 2012



         My name is Nick. I am 17 yrs old, my birthday is october 8, 1995 and i'm in grade 12. I was born and raised in a small town in Ontario. So far the furthest i've travelled was to Calgary, Alberta. When i was there my dad took me to see the Calgary Tower.

               It is a really tall building but not as tall as the CN Tower in Toronto( i have been there when i was 9). I felt sick in it because there is a glass floor people can walk on and i decided to go on it and look down(bad choice). Let's just say i didn't stand on it for long but it was awesome to try.

            I was only in calgary for a week but got to see alot of things like the tower. I'd definatly go back if i had the chance but maybe in a couple years.


  1. Nick,
    When I was in Calgary I saw the tower, but didn't go in. The second time I was there a man took some people hostage in it. I heard all about it on the radio. Crazy!! Did you go to the Olympic Park when you were there?

  2. @Ms.Pederson
    i never heard of the hostage in the tower, that insane i'm just glad it didn't happen when i was there. I never went to the Olympic park but i could see it from the tower and it look really cool.

    yeah it is, you should go sometime.